Enter your essential health information

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Create an account and enter the information that a paramedic would find useful in an emergency. Lifesquare doesn't store your entire medical record — just your essential health profile, like allergies, medications, basic personal information, and your emergency contacts. Create a profile for everyone in your family.

We store your information securely

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We store your information securely on redundant, fully HIPAA-compliant servers. Only authorized Marin County paramedics can access your Lifesquare information, only in an emergency, and only for a short period of time.

We mail Lifesquares to you

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After you create your Lifesquare account, we will mail you a set of Lifesquares on stickers for each person you signed up. Your Lifesquare is only an identifier and doesn't contain your personal information.

Place Lifesquares in standard locations

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Paramedics are trained to first look for Lifesquares on the front of your refrigerator if you're at home, and in your wallet if you're not. Place two of your Lifesquares in those locations.

Place Lifesquares on your personal items

Various application uses for Lifesquare stickers

Lifesquare stickers are water- and UV-resistant and designed to last a long time. Place your extra Lifesquares on your personal items so you always have one with you. Lifesquares go with you, wherever you go.

In an emergency, Lifesquare is there

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Marin County's paramedics and EMTs use a proprietary, secure application to scan your Lifesquare. In seconds, they'll be able to review your essential health information and make the right decisions about your care.

Lifesquare is available in Marin County, CA.
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