Lifesquare Subscriptions

Peace of mind for individuals, families, & small businesses

Portable health information

You Move, We Move

Personal critical health information that you always want with you. Wherever, whenever you need it, on demand.

Notification & alert system

Alert Notification Engine

Your protected circle of trusted individuals, emergency contacts and health providers with whom you want to share your critical health information when necessary.


Create Your LifeCircle

Securely share your records with family and care providers. Provide ongoing or time-limited access to your details.

Robust Privacy Model

Manage all your health data with simple tools. Limit or open access to authorized healthcare providers, or make something entirely private. The choice is yours.

Advanced Directives

Keep your desired careplan front-and-center during times of need. Emergency responders and care providers will be alerted when viewing your Lifesquare.

Upload and Manage Your Documents

Securely store your general medical documents (EKGs, imaging and lab results, etc). Keep on hand for comprehensive archiving, consults, or provide temporary access for second opinions. Take a photo with our app or upload an existing document.

Geo Location

Notifications include relevant location data from the responder automatically.

Pricing is Simple.

$25/person annually to have a Lifesquare subscription.

There is no charge to be an emergency contact, or use as a licensed healthcare provider.

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